6 March 2022

Launching a new website … and a blog !

Finally, and after several months displaying a total mess, my new website is here! Quite a "retro" look I think, with a vertical style, but I hope it will do the job.

And, more importantly, I am starting a project that I have been looong time ruminating about: a blog! Yes, I know … as boring as that sounds 🥱 this blog shouldn't be one of those "I write up, you shut-up" projects. The Disco-(nnected) Brain is born with a collaborative goal in mind, open to my fellow colleagues to participate and write your own post(s) if there is anything you feel the urge to share and contribute . For now the blog is hanging from my personal site, not the best beginning for a collaborative project (I know) but The Disco-(nnected) Brain will have it's own separate site some day. One-step-at-a-time people. So far, you can already access it through its own domain:

10 November 2021

Pre-print on the mechanisms behind traumatic loss of consciousness

After two years of collaboration with the GIGA Consciousness lab of Prof. Steven Laureys, we are posting today in bioRxiv a new manuscript titled: “Posterior integration and thalamo-frontotemporal broadcasting are impaired in disorders of consciousness.” The work studies the propagation of endogenous and exogenous perturbations in the brain of healthy participants and patients with dissorders of consciousness.

Special thanks to Rajanikant Panda, Ane López-González and Jitka Annen